Thursday, October 22, 2015

Glorious Within

Catch me if can!

ah-Ha, ah-Ha!

Not find me. Too deep. Too rich. Me beautiful. No hiding. Hidden. Come here. Dare.

So pretty, Everything! So pretty, me. Shame none see. Almost. Been long time. Alone, not alone all. Serpents. Creepers. Apes too. Apes not so bad. Apes can not so bad, apes can not. Too much Everything, too much green, too much creep, too much kill. Not me, kill. Not...often.

Always safe here. Rich. All can eat. All can play. All creatures. All me kind. All me other kinds. Some stupid. Some can not see. Some not Sing! Me Sing always. Me know some apes Sing. Teach some. Stop others. Not for them, but apes fun to play. Apes fish! Apes build. Apes funny. Apes so small...

Always danger here. So many. Apes, serpents, creepers, Kinds. Me hidden. Too deep. Beautiful and safe. Keep away! ah-Ha, not find me! ...often.

All ever want. All ever need. All rich. All dangers. All safe. All deep. All mine! All...bored.

Leaving within. Going without. Others hidden. Some things hidden. Songs hidden. Hidden dangers. Me know hidden can be found. Very. Too easy. Rich again. Soon.

Going without not much. Taking things within Everything. Catch me treasures. Catch me Wind. Catch me Apes. No Eater me. Kill ape, me.