Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Getting the Shopping Done Early

1. +Scrap Princess
2. +Patrick Stuart
3. +Topher Kohan
4. +Arnold K.
5. +Josh Stone
6. +Chris P.
7. +Zak Smith
8. +Ed Hackett
9. +Claude Weaver
10. +A. Miles Davis
11. +Nikola Klaus
12. +Pearce Shea
13. +Dunkey Halton
14. +Reynaldo MadriƱan
15. +Paolo Greco
16. Limp Bucket

So if Secret Santicore gets going I'm going to be helping out with it again this year, and ENDEAVORING to do a lot more than last year. We'll see how that goes. And while Chaos Request Line has been a good outlet and source for prompts (+Christopher Lawson I did do the dwarf dungeon in my own half assed way) I do think there's a lack of stimulus coming out of that.

ANYWAY, the point is, I'm settled(ISH) now, I've scratched an itch or few playing some games, and I'm ready to get back into the chair running and (much more importantly) writing. I'm having a hard time getting started, though, knowing that soon I'm going to have to devote a lot of time and energy to holiday shopping. SOLUTION: make all my presents this year.

In all seriousness I fell off the actually-doing-things wagon HARD earlier this year and some prompts would help me. MIGHT AS WELL be things people can use.

I know some people personally I want to deliver for, and I know some other people who I know will challenge me. Some are just people who ran for me this year who I want to repay. I don't want it to just be my brotimes and the Firmament of DIY so if your name is not on the above list, please, ask away anyway! That's what the ten open slots are for. Again, I want to do something that mayyybe helps other people but, really, you'd be helping me.

Comment on this post with what ya want. No guidelines but these:
  • I can try to draw something if you ask me to but if you've not seen my 'art' let's just call my skills "limited."
  • Knowing me I'll probably give some items half the attention they need and others twice the attention they need, because that's what I need. It's like a weird cramp. So in your mind's eye don't picture me delivering something over 5 pages long. You may get something nice and huge but you may not.
  • If you specifically ask for something for a particular system I don't have true facility with, I reserve the right to reskin your request for BXish D&D.
  • You can't ask for Adder Entertainment articles. Fuck it you can.