Thursday, October 29, 2015

Brach's Baffling Box

Short article. I've used this item twice and it did the best thing an item can do: not make the players afraid of it, but making them hate chests, magic items, traps, and the phrase "Everybody save vs. Spells." When the box is open, everyone in the room/line of sight, even if they're not looking into the box, has to save. If they fail their save roll 1d6 on the first table and they have the first delusion. They get another save next round and if they fail that one they get a SECOND delusion from the second table. If they fail another save they get another d6 result from the last table. They get one final attempt to save against these effects, and if they fail that the effects stick around until a Remove Curse.

You Believe You Are....

1.Orcus or someone Diet Orcus
2. A duck
3. A boat
4. Opposite gender
5. 7 years old
6. The floor

You feel overwhelmingly...

1. Terrified
2. Amorous
3. Compulsive Liar
4. Starving
5. Berserker
6. Universally helpful

Your whole body is also...

1. On fire
3. Blind/Deaf
4. Magic
5. Covered in bees
6. Petrified

You can put other shit in there, which may or may not also be cursed, but if I run it again all I'm going to put in there is basically the owner's manual, because the desire to see players' inevitable drive to weaponize everything turn against them big time with repeated failed attempts to use this on their enemies. Especially because some of the bigger crazier monsters could be more dangerous this way.