Saturday, June 27, 2015


Basically I was trying to figure out a way I could streamsline Saving Throws a little instead of having all those individual B/X Saving Throw charts without just basing it on Ability Scores outright. So I just ripped off FASERIP for it. Now, whenever a thing comes up, I don't have to decide which of these categories fits it best, because if the answer isn't an obvious corrallary I just determine whether this should be Easy, Tricky, or Hard to overcome. Straightforward numbers. This even kind of works for Ability Score rolls....your ability score modifiers affect your roll, and the 2 point spread covers the type of high bonus most characters will be lucky to ever benefit from, while making the dude with 18 Dexterity and +1 to saves not automatically Spider-Man, since the chance for failure is wider.

Flat numbers also make things easier to add effects onto. Like if you need to make a Tricky roll  against Breath and make a Hard roll instead, where you'd normally take half damage you take no damage. Same with poison saves and getting a Tricky result. Rolling a 20 on a Red save would give a similar bonus effect.

There are some notes on the digram to show how to transition characters to this method more easily, and specific notations with my cowboy dnd game in mind.  Maybe more annotations as we go, maybe fewer, but otherwise I think it's got legs.