Friday, June 5, 2015

Trinkets Table for Whiskeyworld

So in VDND after you get everything squared away they let you have the option of rolling on this little table of useless crap, or the magical world equivalent of junk drawer crap. The idea is that it adds a little flavor to your character, and it does, in the sense that you can come up with some story about why they have this, and the DM can use that. The DM can also just note that you have the object and incorporate it somehow later. The thing is that I don't like the table itself much because of how obviously Square Soft Quest Item most of the entries are.

I think there's a good way to use Trinket Tables for each setting to help build WORLD flavor, and inform characters about what all goes on. Not just grounding them concretely to the setting but also letting casual observers know what's up based on what kind of crap is just lying around.

I made one for Whiskeyworld. It's a little quest-item-y, a little junk-drawer-y, and a little bit of a mix of other bullcrap. A player may roll twice, keep one item, and carry that at level 1 using no Slot of Encumbrance.
  1. A gold plated wrench
  2. Shipman's whistle
  3. Happy Frog scald salve
  4. Instant-light charcoal
  5. An ancient, coral-encrusted canteen filled with fresh water
  6. A fancy man's deck cleats
  7. A replica flag from a famous shipwreck
  8. Goggles bearing the mark of the Blue Circle Traders Guild
  9. Feather of Passage from Sardoas
  10. Illegal one act play
  11. Tattoo needles made from elderfish bone
  12. An incomplete cheat deck of marked playing cards
  13. Elaborate face jewelry
  14. Precentury skull
  15. Sealed can of skeleton juice, expired, rusted
  16. A complete map of an island, unlabeled. Not a treasure map per se just a detailed, thorough map of an uncharted, unidentified island.
  17. Broken binoculars
  18. Season ticket to the Whiteshrike Arena (not yours)
  19. Roughly used paperback novel
  20. Dead man's unfinished diary
  21. Sealed tin of Good Gob's Eyebrow Wax
  22. Goblin cheese
  23. A series of runes used for casting fortunes. They're not magic, they're like a mundane tarot deck or I Ching book.
  24. Deed to an Innerworld property you have never seen.
  25. Tooth from an ancient sea beast
  26. Scale from a modern sea beast, discolored, misshapen, horrible
  27. A vial with three pinches of Godspice left in it
  28. A sacred jar of honey
  29. Blueprints for an island-hopper waveskimmer, partial
  30. The skin of a doll, missing its stuffing and eyes
  31. A sprite-sized copper tea set
  32. Femur cipher from the Skeleton Kingdom
  33. A naturalist's drawing journal, featuring mostly lizards
  34. A letter trusted to you by a fallen stranger, bound for a distant land
  35. A medal for cowardice
  36. The combination to a lock
  37. The man in the shop said this was a piece of the fallen gods...
  38. Robe of the Vestalk Clergy
  39. Etching of a dwarven funeral poem
  40. A metronome
  41. Kerchak cigarettes
  42. Pornography
  43. A 6' piece of metal pipe with protrustions that kind of looks like a key
  44. A masterwork quality floral print umbrella
  45. Silver flecked cigarette case
  46. A bag of psychadelic mushrooms
  47. A bottle of Century Wine
  48. A pair of ladies' sun glasses
  49. A snuff box which crawls around its possessor like a beetle
  50. A bullet with the name of the Buelan Drash ruler scratched onto it
  51. Contract of ownership to a slave you've never met
  52. A smooth green stone
  53. A perfectly cubes blue-and-black-marbled gem
  54. A blocky red crystal
  55. 6 chicken eggs
  56. 1lb scale
  57. Half-empty can of industrial grease
  58. A prosthetic arm, though you have two functioning ones
  59. A pouch of rainbow sand
  60. A belt which always fits
  61. A small gaming set from a culture whose language you don't understand
  62. Signet ring of your family
  63. Broken manacles
  64. Little wooden water strider toy that animates and walks when placed on top of liquid
  65. A sack of pony teeth
  66. A headless chicken
  67. A scented and stained kerchief from your beloved, or from your 'favorite'
  68. Bill of claim of indenture
  69. Marque of passage from the fallen kingdom, Karaiso
  70. Leopard-print loincloth
  71. A pearl resembling 1/2 a human eye
  72. Water testing kit
  73. Firefly glass pendant. At night it seems to be filled with minuscule live fireflies bouncing against its exterior surface.
  74. Prayer idol from a plundered Karaiso tomb
  75. Courtly face paints
  76. A Precentury map of the world
  77. Tin marionette dragon
  78. Superviolent propaganda comic book
  79. Heirloom rings for beards
  80. Silk windsock
  81. Manual of childhood diseases
  82. Token of payment belonging to Tuuata the Sea Serpent
  83. Tea bags from the Apelands, with the mark of a great Kerchak house
  84.  Seal of the Buelan Drash Council Enormous
  85. Bottle of Murder Bear olive oil
  86. A bolt of waterproof fabric
  87. A confession signed by a murderous halfling
  88. Bounty handbill for a criminal witch
  89. Book of spider anatomy
  90. Book of dirty limericks
  91. Book of troll jokes
  92. Necklace of gnome eyes
  93. 30' of golden-colored cord. Purely ornamental, can't support weight like a rope.
  94. A scalp
  95. A miniaturized poppy garden that fits in your pocket
  96. A monocle, tinted purple
  97. A book where each page is a different creature's skin, and the only text is devoted to identifying each skin
  98. The holy book of a Precentury race, devoted to some forgotten god
  99. A divining rod that wiggled when near graves
  100. A blue lantern, international sign of distress in the Blue Circle