Saturday, June 13, 2015

Art Call

I need roughly 40 pieces of art. This is in addition to the cover, which I plan to commission separately. I have a small budget so here is the break down of what I am offering:
  • $25 up front at the time I commission the piece.
  • An additional $25 within two months of the book going live.
  • For the first year of sale, the PDF edition of this product will be a revenue generator for the artists. After the percentages for sales fronts have been accommodated, the remaining profits from the PDF will be divided into 20% for the company and 80% for the combined artists. That means that each piece you provided for the PDF will be weighted for you (somewhere between .5%-2%) in the profit sharing model. Again, this is the first year of the PDF's publication, when it will take in the most revenue. After that, all profits and revenue revert to me/the company.
  • When the profits revert after 1 year's time, most rights will revert, though I'll still have use of it for PDF and print. And you may sell your image commercially, but not for any RPG work.
  • Any artist may order as many copies of the print edition of this book as they like at cost +5%. The artist pays shipping. You may increase the price of these copies to sell for your own gain, but you may never sell them for more than I'm selling print copies for.
To apply for this job, send me your wicked-bitchin-est drawing of a bird. Gorgeous is great, badass is best.  This is not what I'm paying you for and I won't use this picture, it's wholly yours. Go use your awesome bird to make money another way.

I will be taking applications and samples from July 1, 2015 until August 30, 2015, and you will not hear from me before then. On August 31, I will contact everyone I am going to be commissioning for this project and placing my specific order. Your initial payment of $25 will be made then.

All commissioned pieces will be expected by November 1, 2015. If you send a sketch or proof or mock-up before then I'll try to be in touch with you but no promises on swift or extensive communication: September and October are Halloween and I take that shit seriously.

We are aiming for a February 2016 release date. If that happens on track, all remaining payments of $25 to all artists will be made within 60 days of publication. So if it's published on February 2, payments will be made before April 4.

Questions can be sent to basic red rpg at g mail dot com.