Friday, February 20, 2015

Kind Songs- Bird Magic

The main tool in the arsenal of all Kind are their Songs, which change the very nature of the world around them. Some songs are longer than others, and take a longer time to sing. These songs are usually more powerful than others. Some songs may not be chosen or rolled and may only be discovered and learned in play. Those are not represented here. There are even more powerful Songs trapped by the apes, lizards, pigs, rats, and others trapped within sticks and stones. These items must be acquired, and are highly sought after, and drive much of play.

Some Songs come only from the Furthest, made to speak to a Wind not your own, and those are rare and dangerous.

When you begin play, roll (Base Secrets) x (1d100). These are the Songs you begin play knowing. You can learn the Songs of others and you can learn Songs you discover in your explorations but you can never know more Songs than your Total Secrets value. You may actually elect to choose all Songs which you begin play knowing, but, if so, you may not learn any more during play. You still roll your Secrets Die in this instance to produce a Total Secrets value which some Songs require.

If your Song requires many rounds to Sing and you are interrupted before it is over, you must save against your Secrets in order to retain that Song. If you retain it and wish to Sing again, you must start over.

If you learn as many Songs as  you are able then you may only learn new Songs by Betraying an old song. You curse the Song and it will never return to you, in any form.

Some Songs may be Sustained for a number of rounds. Sustaining must be declared during the round you first Sing, and declared every round you are permitted to Sustain. If you are interrupted while Sustaining, you lose that Song. You have Failed the Song and it leaves you.

NOTE: Songs 91-100 may only be learned at the beginning of the game by rolling 91-100 and then rerolling, getting a result of 91-100 a second time.

  1. See- You see the Wind as water, as leaf, and you can see the empty places within it where nothing should be, whence nothing should issue. This Song shows you the invisible, the hidden things, anywhere in your current field of vision.
  2. Mark- You cause a message in the tongues of the Kind to appear on a suitable surface. You cannot Mark down a Song.
  3. Melt- A metal or stone thing in your sight and weighing less than you begins to melt. If it is an ape weapon or device it becomes unusable immediately. If it is a metal or stone creature it suffers your Base Secrets in damage and cannot Save again as long as you sustain. Sustaining destroys an additional kg of material in the same object each round, and Melt may be sustained a number of rounds up to your Base Secrets.
  4. Evade- For a number of rounds equal to your Base Secrets, you may take the maximum value of your Secrets Die on any Grace Save roll required of you.
  5. Echoes- You can identify the Songs which were Sung in any place you are since the current moon passed. You do not learn these Songs, these are only impressions.
  6. Control- A target creature with a language obeys one order you give in the next round. If you speak this creature’s language it gets -2 to save against this effect. This may be Sustained a number of rounds equal to your Base Secrets, and results in one additional order the target is compelled to follow, all of which are issued at the end of the Song.
  7. Master- A creature with a language must save against your Base Majesty or be your obedient servant for a number of days equal to the amount by which they failed the save.
  8. Listen- Things you can see clearly which have been touched by Song and in which Songs are snared sizzle and pop like a hot mountaintop; the greater the Song, the louder the noise, the warmer the heat.
  9. Tongue- You understand the speech and Marks of the lesser creatures.
  10. Dark- You shroud a radius of 2’xTotal Secrets value in starless black for a number of rounds equal to a Secrets Die roll result.
  11. Light- Your eyes shine like the Light and send beams of light out 2xTotal Majesty meters.
  12. Guard- You ignore your Base Secrets in Damage for a number of rounds equal to your Total Secrets value.
  13. Cast- Target the mouth of a nearby creature (or something mouth-like, such as the opening of a jar). Your voice and cries and Songs seem to issue from this mouth, though they and their effects originate from you.
  14. Strike- A target creature or object takes your Secrets Die in damage. You need not make your Secrets roll to Sing this Song.
  15. Stay- Declare a specific group of things, like “all strangers,” “all apes,” “all Sistren,” “all carrion;” these creatures may not approach you closer than your Total Wing in meters. This Song must be Sustained but may be Sustained without making an initial Secrets roll. You may cease Sustaining early without losing your Song, but if you are interrupted through other means you lose your Song.
  16. Fix- A broken thing, such as an ape weapon, weighing less than your Base Secrets value in kg, is restored, provided you know its original shape and understand its original purpose (though knowing how it functions is not required).
  17. Hush- A creature with a language cannot speak or Sing for a number of rounds equal to your Secrets.
  18. Chirp- A message as long as your Majesty in words is conveyed silently to one creature with a language you can see.
  19. Serve- The Wind herself serves you in an invisible body. She will not attack for you and cannot protect you but she will obey basic commands, lift things, manipulate things, etc, for a number of minutes equal to your Total Power.
  20. Preen- Your Base Majesty is considered to be halved for the purposes of your next save.
  21. Burn- Your body burns with a blue flame but is not consumed. Anyone attacking you physically must save or take 1 damage and catch fire, taking your Secrets Die in damage on their next round. On your next round, divide your Total Wing value +Base Secrets value in damage in any way you see fit amongst the available targets within your Total Wing value in meters. You are extinguished.
  22. Buzz- Designate a broad type of insect. You can see through the eyes of any within a  3x Total Majesty radius.
  23. Call- Summon a mundane creature with fewer Hit Points than you currently possess. That creature or its nearest approximation will appear in a number of minutes equal to your Base Majesty.
  24. Rest- Recover your Power Die in Hit Points.
  25. Lull- A living creature you choose falls asleep and will stay that way if unmolested for 2x Total Secrets in minutes. They gain 1 Hit Point when they awake, if they were asleep the whole time.
  26. Slip- A creature drops one carried or wielded item.
  27. Change- You take on the appearance of another of your Kind, or of another Kind. You do not appear to be a specific being, but you do not appear to be yourself.
  28. Strut- Make a Save vs Majesty. If you succeed, you may add your Base Majesty to your next Save.
  29. Stink- You can smell any wounded, dying, or rotting creature in 10x Total Power meters.
  30. Thoughts- Learn one thing which a dead creature which had a language knew.
  31. Bleed- One creature which was damaged in this round takes the same damage again.
  32. Soothe- One injured creature recovers their Power Die +1 in Hit Points.
  33. Cure- One creature has a disease, mutation, poison, or similar malady purged from its body.
  34. Enchant- Roll your Majesty Die. This number of creatures focus on you to the exclusion of all else for a number of rounds equal to your Base Secrets.
  35. Grasp- You can manipulate an object as if you held onto it, up to 3x Total Grace meters away. This may be Sustained to continue the manipulation, or you may Sing for multiple rounds before Grasp takes effect, multiplying its effect (You may have as many Grasps going simultaneously as times you have leveled, plus one).
  36. Distract- Designate a target to affect and any other thing- a PC, an orange, the clouds. The target’s focus will be on literally anything else before you in the next round.
  37. Clue- A spectral hare appears and guides you towards the most prosperous direction for what you seek.
  38. Guess- Next round after you Sing you may attempt two actions, but only the most successful one happens.
  39. Know- Learn one fact (or the answer to one specific question) about one being or object you control.
  40. Blank- A target being will forget everything which happens this round and next round.This may be Sustained for ten rounds.
  41. Bloom- A target plant grows a luscious fruit of your choosing, whatever kind of plant it may be. It will be fully grown and consumable in the next round. It must be a kind of fruit you have eaten.
  42. Still- For every 10 minutes you hold your position after Singing, creatures take a 1 point penalty to attempts to notice you.
  43. Mishap- A target creature will automatically fail against one action it takes or one action taken against it before the next moonrise. You invoke this Mishap whenever you want between now and then.
  44. Slow- A target being or object moves at tortoise speed for your Base Secrets in rounds.
  45. Challenge- A target being becomes fixated on you and will only attack you in its next opportunity.
  46. Claim- Invoke an object. You have a claim to that object and know the direction toward it for your Base Power in days. Afterwards, this effect wanes, your claim is forfeit, and you may not use this Song to claim the same object again. This does not need to be an object you can see or have specific knowledge of, but you must be aware of it, and it must be a specific item.
  47. Dust- There are creatures whose existence defies Eater, who walk where once they were still. Carrion. This Song destroys one of them of a Level equal to or lower than yours.
  48. Flee- Consider your speeds determined by your Wing not impeded by normal combat restrictions. If you attack or Sing this effect ends. Otherwise it lasts your Base Wing in rounds.
  49. Scratch- You vomit brambles at a target. It suffers 1 point of damage, and 1 point each round until all the brambles are removed, for your Base Secrets in rounds.
  50. True- Compel one being to answer you one question truly. The question is composed as part of the Song, so they answer immediately.
  51. Lie- A target being will believe your next several lies, equal to your Base Majesty.
  52. Push- With a flap of your wings your cry blows everything in a cone in front of you (Total Grace in meters wide) back for your Total Grace in meters.
  53. Turn- One target being must run away from you for your Base Majesty in rounds.
  54. Fear- All enemies you can see suffer a 1 point penalty to all actions this round and next round.
  55. Hide- Keep one creature without a language or one object from being noticed for this round and next round.
  56. Scar- One wound delivered this round will not heal, not without a Song or an object wielding similar power.
  57. Parts- You may augment one body part of one target to look and function like a different body part, or a body part from a different creature. Creatures with a language will revert to their normal form in your Total Secrets in rounds.
  58. Breath- Airborne toxins will not affect you and you may remain underwater. This effect lasts for your Total Power in minutes.
  59. Sight- See through the eyes of one creature you see until the next time you two look in each other’s eyes.
  60. Shew- A creature may see through your eyes until the next time you two look in each other’s eyes.
  61. Blind- Takes four rounds to Sing. Target creature can no longer see.
  62. Deaf- Takes three rounds to Sing. Target creature can no longer hear.
  63. Rake- Takes four rounds to Sing. You claw at a target creature, who takes your Total Power in damage. The target may not save/damage is not reduced by armor.
  64. Steal- Takes two rounds to sing. Target a specific object beyond your reach, or which is possessed or worn by another being. The round after you finish, that object appears in your possession (in your grip, about your neck, whatever appropriate).
  65. Hide- Takes four rounds to Sing. An object or being you pass over as you Sing the final round becomes hidden from view, invisible.
  66. Vanish- Takes five rounds to Sing. You disappear from view, invisible.
  67. Recall- Takes eight rounds to Sing. A Song you Betrayed returns to you, but you must appease it by sacrificing (as Failure) your ability to Recall.
  68. Tool- Takes three rounds to Sing. A device, ape weapon, or non-living object appears in your grasp, vanishing after next round.
  69. Stow- Takes five rounds to Sing. An object or device in your possession is secreted in a hole in the Wind whose hiding place only you know.
  70. Get- Takes two rounds to Sing. A Stowed item, or an item you have freely given, returns to you.
  71. Heal- Takes six rounds to Sing. Target yourself or another being. Their hit points are restored to full.
  72. Shape- Takes six rounds to Sing. Target a creature without a language. They resemble now another Kind, though their statistics remain unaltered.
  73. Change- Takes six rounds to Sing. Target yourself or another Kind. They may take the form of another Kind, even mimicking a specific being. They may also take the form of any other living being.
  74. Stop- Takes six rounds to Sing. You stop time, briefly, but long enough to cause trouble. You may take 4 actions in the round after you finish singing.
  75. Blink- Takes a number of rounds equal to your Base Grace to Sing. Choose one point you can see, no more than 10x your Total Grace in meters. You transport instantly to that spot.
  76. Roost- Takes 10 minutes to Sing. Transports you and everything you’re carrying back to where you woke up this morning.
  77. Rise- Takes 5 minutes to Sing. A being you personally killed rises, willing to serve you. Save using Eater’s Eye against your Secrets to avoid angering Him. THIS IS A RARE EXCEPTION TO THE RULES GOVERNING EATER’S EYE.
  78. Curse- Takes 5 minutes to Sing. A place, object, or being may be cursed. Curses relate to specific actions or circumstances, like speaking a word, crossing a floor, or wielding a weapon. When the conditions of the curse are met, the being who invoked the curse loses 1 HP permanently from his Maximum Hit Points. This effect lingers on that which is Cursed.
  79. Alter- Takes four rounds to Sing. Target gains a mutation. If you sing for eight rounds instead, you may CHOOSE the mutation.
  80. Wipe- Takes 5 minutes to Sing. Choose a being with Songs, or an object which traps a Song. The Songs are freed, as Failed, and leave the vessel.
  81. Trill- Choose a Song that was Sung or finished in this round which can be Sustained. Your Song Sustains that one for a round, allowing the Kind who first Sang time to take a different action before picking up their own Song again.
  82. Prepare- Choose a powerful Song you know. Singing Prepare prepares that Song’s effect should you ever be killed. You may not otherwise Sing this Prepared Song.
  83. Sight- Declare a moving image of your own devising. That image appears for this round and the next round. There is no upper limit on Sustaining this Song, and for each additional round you Sing you may add another detail.
  84. Mimic- Choose a Song used in this round. You echo this Song without understanding. You do not retain memory of it, but its effects happen again, only this time anything targeted by its effects may not save.
  85. Betray- Choose a Song you know. You lose that Song forever. Choose your largest die. Divide damage from the maximum value of that die between as many creatures you see as you wish.
  86. Soar- You may attempt your next 3 aerial Manuevers without saving.
  87. Addict- Reduce your Hit Points by 1 for each member of your Flock. They will now save to remain loyal to you using your Majesty Die.
  88. Prey- You know whether any creature you can see is more powerful than you or less powerful than you.
  89. Shadow- Your shadow leaves you and can take any action but speaking or Singing, when you act but in addition to your actions. It can be hurt like you, and reduces your Hit Points when hurt. You join again by touching your shadow.
  90. Screech- Roll your Majesty Die. That many creatures within earshot takes half your Base Power in damage.
  91. Moon- You and everything you are looking at vanish from this time and place, re-appearing in this same place under the dark of the next moon. YOU MUST REROLL TO GET THIS.
  92. Death- Choose one creature or object with fewer Hit Points than you. That creature dies, or that object is destroyed. YOU MUST REROLL TO GET THIS.
  93. Life- Choose one dead creature. That creature comes back to life with your Base Majesty in Hit Points. YOU MUST REROLL TO GET THIS.
  94. Summon- Choose a creature with fewer Hit Points than you. That creature appears. YOU MUST REROLL TO GET THIS.
  95. Thing- Target yourself or another creature. They take the form of any living creature you wish, whether some Kind or ape or lizard or whatever. Takes 5 rounds to Sing. YOU MUST REROLL TO GET THIS.
  96. Storm- A raging hurricane centers itself on your position and lasts for a day. Takes 1 hr to Sing. YOU MUST REROLL TO GET THIS.
  97. Rot- You are saved from Eater’s grasp for the rest of the day but you will die at midnight. YOU MUST REROLL TO GET THIS.
  98. Time- You transport yourself and only yourself to another time in the place you are in. This can be abstract (before the fire) or very specific (in ape terms, June 3rd). YOU MUST REROLL TO GET THIS.
  99. Eater- Roll Eater’s Eye. This DOES count as the one use per session. If you roll less than your Total Secrets on the die, Eater appears and sets upon a target you designate, claiming them. If you roll within the opposite of your Total Secrets (say if your TS value is 10, then rolling 91-100) then he claims you. If you roll in between, he appears and may be negotiated with. YOU MUST REROLL TO GET THIS.
  100. Wish- You have your Total Secrets in seconds to describe one fundamental change you wish to make in the whole of the world. This is effectively limitless. This song leaves you once sung. YOU MUST REROLL TO GET THIS.