Friday, January 9, 2015

Roll For Majesty (Bird Thing Excerpt)

You have 5 stats: Power, Grace, Secrets, Wing, and Majesty.
  • POWER is the strength of your vessel. Each Type gets a BASE POWER number and a POWER DIE to roll to add to that number.
    • You begin the game with your Power in HIT POINTS. You gain 1 additional Hit Point per level. If you reach 0 HP Eater comes.
    • You add 1/8 your Power (rounded down) TO HIT in terrestrial or two-dimensional melee, or when using a conventional ape weapon of any kind, plus any Type bonus.
    • You SAVE against Power (rolling higher than your Base Power on your Power Die) when someone in terrestrial melee/fighting like an ape tries to HIT you. You also use Power to save vs biological weapons (gaze attacks, poisons), mutation, and firearms.
    • In squalid, cramped, ratlike terrestrial melee, you do your Power Die in DAMAGE on a successful hit. If your opponent critically fails their save (by rolling a 1) you do your Power Die plus your Base Power.
    • You can lift or carry weight equal to your Base Power x30 for up to Base Power x10 minutes at a time before having to rest, without impeding your Grace.
  •  GRACE is the elegance of your movements and the style with which you fly. Each Type gets a BASE GRACE number and a GRACE DIE to add to that number.
    • You add 1/3 your Grace (rounded down) TO HIT in normal everyday decent aerial combat and when throwing things.
    • You SAVE against Grace (rolling higher than your Base Grace on your Grace Die) in normal aerial combat, vs mundane projectiles, against traps, and when attempting MANEUVERS.
    • You do your Base Grace number in DAMAGE on a successful hit in civilized combat. If your opponent critically fails their save (by rolling a 1) you do your total Grace value in damage.
    • If you are weighed down or injured your total Grace value is reduced by 1 every 10 minutes until you find a chance to rest and unburden yourself. If your Grace reaches 0 you cannot fly.
  • SECRETS represent the sum of all your knowledge, how quickly you learn, and how well you SING. Each Type gets a BASE SECRETS number and a SECRETS DIE.
    • You always roll your Secrets Die IN SECRET, but anybody can ask to see your result at any time. This means you are free to LIE. If you are caught lying your Total Secrets value is reduced by 1 PERMANENTLY. Eater has this power as well.
    • Your Base Secrets value is the number of SONGS you begin play knowing. Your Total Secrets value is the number of Songs you can learn over the course of the game. You can discover new Songs in the course of play or learn them from other Characters. You must roll against your Base Secrets number, like a Save, in order to learn any new song you find or are taught.
      • Otherwise, you learn 1 Song at random every 2 levels, up to your maximum.
      • When you Sing you must roll against your Base Secrets like a save. If you are successful your Song is heard on the Wind and changes her. If not then YOU HAVE FAILED THE SONG. THE SONG ABANDONS YOU. You cannot Sing that Song again. You may relearn a different version of that Song later from the sources mentioned above.
      • Eater's Eye may be used when Singing.
    •  You SAVE against your Secrets (rolling higher than your Base Secrets on your Secrets Die) when subjected to another creature's bastardized Songs, environmental conditions of the Wind, when subjected to the effect of an enchanted object, and when attempting to recall or puzzle out vital information. On the opposite end of "vital" you also Save to speak an ape language.
  •  WING represents your swiftness and reach in the air and sets your other speeds. Each Type has a BASE WING value and a WING DIE they roll and add to that number.
    • Your Total Wing value x20 is your base speed in the air.
      • Your Total Wing value x4 is the amount of distance you cover in a combat round in the air.
      • Your Total Wing value is the distance you can travel crawling around on the ground like a goddamned animal.
      • Your Base Wing value is how fast you are in a terrestrial combat round.
      • IF you have a Swim speed it your Total Wing value and is not reduced during aquatic combat.
    • You SAVE against your Wing (rolling higher than your Base Wing with your Wing Die) when you are hit in aerial combat in order to remain aloft, when pursuing prey or being pursued by predators in order to maintain advantage when faced with opponents of equal speed, to read the environment and any hazardous conditions, and to find your way and remember where you've been.
    • Your Total Wing value (NOT Base value) increases by 1 every level until this value reaches 20.
  • MAJESTY is how awesome you are in the literal and colloquial sense. How charismatic, how fearsome, how gorgeous, how dangerous looking. Each Type has a BASE MAJESTY value and a MAJESTY DIE they roll and add to that number.
    • FLOCKS you control during terrestrial exploration are limited to the number of your Total Majesty value or fewer.
    • Your Total Majesty value determines the literal pecking order in any party, who's in charge and who gets listened to. In ties it goes to Base Majesty, and in the event of a tie THERE it must be settled by blood.
    • You SAVE against your Majesty (rolling higher than your Base Majesty with your Majesty Die) whenever you try to be especially convincing, intimidating, deceptive, or attractive. This is especially important when dealing with lesser creatures, apart from attractiveness. Gross. You also save against Majesty from explosions (or big area/cone/burst attacks) because it looks more badass that way.
    • Speaking of which, saving against Majesty is the only way to stay Eater, by rising gloriously from the dust to kill again.
[[To Hit values are for the benefit of mixing characters with general D&D-esque characters for FLAILSNAILS purposes or whatever (Continue to save as indicated here. Consider AC to be the highest Total Value of any stat). These characters also mix well with Feng Shui characters (ditto the AC guideline for Dudge. Max out your TWO stat's associated Dice for your Total Values. Consider them Supernatural Creatures. Use Power for Martial Attack, Secrets for Sorcery, Grace for Toughness, Wing for Speed, Majesty for Fortune).]]


Eater's Eye holds the power of life and death. Apes call it a d30. If you do not have a d30 then Eater does not smile on you, and you must make pitiable semblance with a d20.

Eater's Eye may be rolled ONCE per session when attempting a save or check. NOT ONCE PER CHARACTER. NOT ONCE PER PLAYER. ONCE. For the entire party, for the entire session.

In interactions, Eater and His Eye are one. You will always be judged by Eater's Eye. That means it gets rolled as much as he wants.