Sunday, August 10, 2014


Sistren do not hide, nor shelter, nor wait, nor crow, nor tease, nor chase, nor flee, nor hunt. Sistren have. Sistren take what is already theirs. Bark and needle, fly and badger, sistren are their homes. Sistren homes are living things, a great slumbering thing made of lesser things. All are lesser than sistren.

The home is the body of sistren, who decide which limbs may grow and which must be destroyed. Sistren are their sistren, each. All else lesser than sistren. Sistren take what they already have. Sistren do not rule because the body does not rule itself. Sistren are the green. Sistren are the wood. Sistren are the sodden blood flecked ground. Sistren are offal strung through leaves. Sistren are reach, strike, talon. Sistren are seeing. Ape eyes. Sistren see. With ape faces. Tear with ape teeth.

Sistren commune. Sistren convene. Sistren control. These three alone shape the body, guide sistren. Sistren act rather than decide. Sistren need no weapon apart from their sistren. The acts and will of sistren are right things. We give the world the face we wish.

Not ape faces. We give the world a face we want.

None trouble sistren, not the Further, nor skykind. Only apes. Beyond the body and home and world, beyond sistren, they make caves and ape hives. They swarm and charge, seeking sistren. Apes do not see as they enter us. They do not know they become sisten. They shriek and bleed as sistren rip them out of their body.

Sistren act without acting, for sistren are of a will. The Song unsung, echoed in forms of bear, of oak, of stag…of ape. Unsong of sistren is piercing, constant, quiet flowing like rivers, crashing like falls. Sistren are night, the busyness and lust and fear. Sistren are dark and silence. Sistren are the silencing of the buzz. Of heartbeats. Sistren are gardeners for Eater. Sistren are the wood and shadows in which the Eater stalks.

All these sistren are. All this sistren must be. First, sistren must become. That is over. Now fly, sister, and be of sistren, else fall, and be of Eater, and so be of sistren.

Fly, sister.