Wednesday, July 16, 2014


It Is OK For A Thing To Be That Thing And Not Another Thing.

You may not like that thing, or have any use for that thing, but when someone asks "I want to workshop this thing I made, what does everyone think?" answering "It's not another thing" is the opposite of helpful. It's aggressively dismissive really. "Never mind you and your thing, let's talk about this other thing I want to talk about."

Someone makes a lamp. Maybe it's a shitty lamp, maybe you don't need a lamp, maybe you're full up for lamps, maybe you can't afford this lamp. "I'd buy that if it were a RUG" is signal noise. Purposeful signal noise. There's dropped calls and there's knocking the phone from someone's hand, y'dig?

I understand that the rug people don't see it that way. Some seem to want to help us poor people who are interested in lamps. Some people seem genuinely threatened that we would talk about lamps openly. Like we're out to offend everyone by not just making everything rugs. Or worse, something like "A lamp shocked me once, so I would never use a lamp again."

Now, my taste includes both lamps and rugs. So I'd never find people trying to weave a nice rug and shit on them for not making a lamp, or vice versa.

But sometimes...sometimes...a thing can just be that thing. A lamp can be a lamp, a conversation about lamps can be a conversation about lamps, a conversation about loving or improving or building lamps can be THAT and not an invitation to talk about something else or to slag off on lamps or...anything else.

I'm not entirely sure if this can be broadly applied to any specific interest I have...Probably not?

Additionally, a thing can be a thing without being EVERYTHING. This is similar to but distinct from the above, and is one of the biggest reasons I just can't get into Tumblr.