Monday, February 3, 2014

Drunken Dragons - I Make A Character

OK Rolling 3d6 in order for Strength-Constitution-Dexterity-Intellect-Wisdom-Charisma, and instead of the stat adjustment crap from Basic I'll just swap 2 so long as one of the numbers swapped is a Prime Requisite or needed to qualify for what I get.

8-14-14-10-11-10. Not bad at all! I'll switch that Strength score and Charisma score. This makes me hardier and more agile than normal, but I don't get along with people and animals that well. I guess I'm adventuring to be more self-sufficient, which means I'll make only light use of retainers and attack dogs and stuff as needed. What can I make with this?

Well with these awesome rolls I can do pretty much anything. When in doubt I'll make a Cleric for two reasons. One is that clerics are the bass players of D&D, you can always find some table who needs one. But the gods of this world I end up playing in, any particular god in whose sight I am anointed, etc have specific perspectives that shape my guy's worldview which is a heck of a lot more useful in putting me "in the moment" for rp than alignment.

So my faith is all I need and I want to establish myself a secluded place to worship. Maybe a god who rewards those who are more self-reliant people, a help those who help themselves thing. Makes it sound like work instead of being just its own reward comes with an expectation of holy reward, which starts sounding very Protestant except that D&D means those rewards take the form of actual riches, magical shit, and spells and the ability to blow up vampires. So he's behaving Spartan as a form of worship but also to an end. What end? Maybe high cleric power. What's a high level power? Resurrection?

Okay I had to become so self-reliant because my provincial fief was destroyed by a great power, dragon or something, and they were faithful people and I'm the sole survivor so I'm charged with my god to prove myself worthy enough to receive her blessing, through very hard work and trial, to be given the honor of being her instrument and rewarding the hard work of my old community and family and stuff and return them to life. But that requires me being very charitable and self-sacrificing which means I'll never be in the highest of esteem with her, so it's like giving up nirvana to help enlighten others kind of thing?

whatever POINT IS: 3d6x10, I have 60 starting gold. d6 hpt HD, plus one Con bonus, so 3+1HP. My AC before buying armor and stuff is 8 thanks to a dex bonus and I get a +1 tohit at range. I'll buy leather armor, a shield, a sling, a holy symbol, and the week of rations I could salvage off of my homeland. Makes me have AC 5.

Now before I note my regular saves what system am I playing? In LOTFP I can basically take Turn Undead at 1st level or roll up a spell. If it were me running I'd say I'd swap things out similarly for anybody who really wanted it. But I like the Basic Cleric. You level quickly, get some spells, good armor and acceptable weapons, and you're undead kryptonite. Really, not-quite-a-fighter who levels not-quite-a-thief who also blows up undead is a good enough thing that the spells Clerics get are just gravy to me really. So I'd basically be DONE.

I'd have to talk with the GM about the cosmology of the gods of this world, adjust the ideas that came to me as I rolled...if I rolled up a spell instead of Turn Undead I'd get (roll) Purify Food and Drink, which looks like I can cast it backwards and poison people. Write down my saves I guess...

OR DON'T, since if I'm playing this for the first time really only the GM has to know those. Name him, describe him, decide he's going to sound gruff and act put-upon so decide I'll make him sound a little like Nick Nolte...want him to Always Be Closing so he's going to be very focused on straight adventuring, the next gig/score, always ready for some well-earned rest right after we do THIS.

Name is Indre Foglet and he has no eyebrows any more and one cut scar on his arm for everyone he's trying to save and avenge that he rubs when he's nervous or bored.