Saturday, November 2, 2013


Day 2
Smokebats are magically occurring. Normally they're a spell effect. Casting "smokebats" on a normal fire (as long as you can see the light of that fire) causes all smoke produced by the fire to turn into a swarm of bats. Fires enchanted in this way create 1 swarm of bats every round. The swarms attack each other and anything in sight. The big danger from the smokebat swarms is that they just keep coming, so just like with regular smoke eventual suffocation is a concern. Fires using specially prepared incenses for religious practices are immune to this effect. One can cast smokebats on a magical fire, with a 30% chance of snuffing that magical fire and a 70% chance of creating a massive explosion (as fireball) with smokebats beginning to form the next round. Smokebats will continue forming until the fire spawning them is extinguished.
Smokebats may also be "baked in" to a piece of kindling, something between a Duraflame log and one of those firework snakes, which will spawn 20 rounds worth of smokebats when lit. This magic effect may also be put into a wand or staff, triggered when the end of the utensil is held to fire of any kind (without consuming the item). Some high level casters can bind this enchantment to their clothing or as a ward on their person, as a defense against fire attacks.

A spellcaster may expend a use of Fireball to summon 12d6 swarms of smokebats, or 6d6 swarms which will not attack the spellcaster.

Smokebats are only ever dormant or dying. If encountered alone, they function like normal bats except they're harder to see or hear yet easier to smell. They can only survive for long in the wild as breath vampires, and will try to cover their target's face and suffocate them if afforded an opportunity (like during sleep), drawing oxygen from their lungs and using the drowning rules.