Wednesday, April 17, 2013

"Bonus Classes" for Arcis Enumre

After Jeff here as in all things:

Crusader (Fighter with Wisdom 13+ or Pacifist with Wisdom 16+)- Gain the ability to Turn Undead as a Cleric of half level, other churches stop offering you contracts but one church you swear yourself to gives you job security.

Muscle (Thief or Gentleman with Strength 13+)- Increase Open Locks by 5%, earns double XP from Carousing. People like to be on your good side, and your retainer morale increases by 2.

Atheist (Magic-User or Scrivener with Charisma 13+)- +2 to saving throws against Cleric spells. You also know Spiritus, and your name makes it into the Register of Spellcasters in Arcis Enumre.

Exorcist (Cleric with Intelligence 13+)- You wear a hood of a color associated with your god and can cast Protection From Arcane at first level. You may reroll 1 die when Turning Undead. Others of your order treat you as one bad dude.

Scout (Dwarf with Wisdom 13+)- You gain a 1 point bonus to Dexterity checks made to avoid traps or natural hazards, including reducing falling damage, and you can find water. You are considered to always have rope.

Coldblooded (Elf with Constitution 13+)- Immune to Sleep and you don't have to conduct research or have a spellbook to create a Familiar. You live in the Coldquarter in the city and are an ethnic minority with certain legal privileges.

Wrestler (Halfling with Strength 13+)- After making a successful attack roll to grab, you may do 1d6 damage per round to any creature you have grabbed. You may spend a round Showboating to give yourself +1 to the grab attempt the next round.

 Untouchable (Gnome with Dexterity 13+)- A Gnome about to be killed may use one use of unexpended Favor per day to escape death. A Failure or No Result means the Gnome still dies. A Gnome may use this ability once per day.