Sunday, April 14, 2013

Arcis Enumre- Dwarfs

The endless tunnels and caves that terminate in the cheese-like face of the Dwarf Cliffs which overlook Bastard Valley are home to many Dwarf cities and kingdoms, though all belong to a kind of ur-kingdom whose true ruler and whose very NAME are both known only to the most powerful and influential Dwarf leaders. There are rumors that these kingdoms extend beneath the human kingdoms, all the way beneath Arcis Enumre's subdungeon, perhaps beneath the Waiting Mountain herself and into the fabled endless plain beyond.

This would be easy to believe. Dwarf cities are massive affairs that can take days to cross on foot, and are always associated with large mining structures deeper within the world. The city dwarfs live mercenary and mercantile lives, devoting themselves to becoming great warriors, heroes of the faith, great drunks, brilliant craftsmen, daring explorers, wily salesmen, or raging artisans. City dwarfs are very concerned with money and a sense of propriety, and adapt to fill new needs with near light speed. As it is said that anything can be found and bought in Arcis Enumre, the Dwarfs of the cliff cities can make you anything you ask for...for a steep enough fee.

Dwarfs worship Bomdutra, goddess of stone, duty, and beer. Dwarfs are then, as a group, considerably devout. Bomdutra has a temple in Arcis Enumre that many Dwarf Rockpriests make staggering pilgrimage to. This temple has many human Clerics but it is unquestionable the Rockpriests who are in charge there. These priests represent a separate caste who never learn fine tool use for the purpose of craft, trade, or for mining or digging; they exist to be living tools, used by their goddess, and have a kickass time doing it.

So far, the party has encountered Skorkida, one of the larger cliff-face cities. There is a city known to outsiders only as Deeper where the true Dwarf regents dwell in castles made of gold and jewels.

Dwarfs do not have facility in magic but have a near-magical gift for craftsmanship, able to take raw magical components and do amazing things with them, transferring and augmenting enchantments, things like that.

Dwarfs view the Elfs as a bit stuck up and short-sighted. They constantly rib them over not being able to talk to their own god, but because of Bomdutra's temple Dwarfs and Elfs have been forced to comingle freely. Many Dwarfs live in Arcis Enumre full time, and many even inter-marry. This has produced two major new ethnic groups in the world, Gnomes (the result of Dwarf/Elf breeding) and Halflings (the result of Dwarf/Human breeding).

A Dwarf of high enough level to begin setting up a keep has a few options. First, they may buy land in Arcis Enumre, as an Elf. Second, they may buy a tunnel or mine system from a foreman in the Cliffs. Third, they may erect a stronghold above ground to serve as base camp and defense for an entirely new digging operation.