Thursday, March 21, 2013

I Bought Some Cards

So the Dollar Tree next to work has playing cards by the register. Cheap playing cards are ubiquitous in shitty stores but these were previously used cards from blackjack decks at Vegas casinos. I bought the hell out of that, I can tell you. Picked up some Hard Rock Hotel ones. So I need a new trick to justify that dollar.


Use the cards instead of a random chart roll is obvious. Random encounters are good, random spell effect is better, rumors would be great. What can I use right now, though? Well, my party is big on potions, and the random treasure tables I've been using have come up on potions a lot. So potions it is.

Write what the potion does on the card, and always include at least one after-effect or side-effect. Don't stop writing until you're out of room on the card. This means that face cards or like a 10 are going to have little room for anything apart from "Invisibility- 1d6+6 turns, AE: you glow faintly for 1d3 hrs" at most. But something like a 2 of Clubs, you've got a lot of room to fill so come up with some shit. Invent new potions, combine effects, do chained effects.

When the deck is fully marked up, shuffle super-thoroughly and then use it in game. As each potion is drawn and used, mark the back of the card and slip it on the bottom of the deck. When every card has been used and its back marked (let's say with one slash), set that deck aside and build a new deck.

Let's say I go through a fuckton of potions and still need potions. No problem. I fill out a new deck. While I'm using that deck, I also keep the first deck on hand to use. Only now every time I draw from that one, I make another slash on the back (forming an X) and do the opposite of whatever is indicated. So using the above example that's "Glow like torchlight for 1d6+6 turns, AE: invisible in shadows for 1d3 hrs."

You keep this up, passing on a deck or throwing it out or putting it in storage after it has been used twice, and after your first go-around with your initial deck you'll always have a good d204 table for your potions.

Or orc variants. Or dungeon rooms. Or whatever.