Thursday, February 28, 2013

People I Have Been

Farciat Edward, Human Bard

Scott Summers, a.k.a. Cyclops (pre-gen)

Zucifus Kade, Illustrated Man and Rescuer of Stories

Brother, Quasi-Buddhist Magical Singing Kung-Fu Vampire Robot

Alufar, Psionic Sorcerer (pre-gen)

Edugar Wintros, Drow Archer (pre-gen)

Dolores Dierdre Darkdown, Homespun Death Priestess (pre-gen I rebuilt)

Ocs Rukas, Divine Human Idiot

Crazy Bob the Murderer, Crazy Murderer

"Dude-Bro," a character I sat in on for a couple sessions and whose name I forget, Druggie College Frat Douche.

Margilla Goldenback, Ape-To-Human Brain Transplant

Drake Tungsten, Pregnant Robot Daredevil

Raleigh, god of Emptiness and Spiders

Blackangus, Man-Eating Cow

Kawrl, Vampire Bird

Thirsty Bubble, Drunken Modron Monk

Caluthes the Decapitated, Resurrected Vampire Archer

Hugo Montenegro, The Spy With Hypno-Eyes

Nekiuradedafasas, Secret Vecnan Priestess

Jean Flambe, Untouchable Cage Fighter

Chester Allan Woodworthy, Gentleman's Gentleman

"Naked Cowboy," some pun-based character I sat in on one night.

Mitch the Man-Witch, Magic User

Fabula Rasa, Magic User

"The Scottish One," smooth-talking incredibly-vaguely Scottish-accented Smuggler Disguised As Musician

Dice, Robot Skeleton Inquisitor

Some Pregen Whose Name I Forget, the only ninja in a ninja game who acted like a ninja

Danger Princess, ruler of the exploded Daredevil Kingdom