Thursday, February 28, 2013

Obituaries of Arcis Enumre

Here for all time will stand the roll of player characters who have fallen, as well as key NPCs who suffered spectacular or remarkable ends, as well as the means of their dispatch, for the life of this campaign world.

Roddi the Gnome- Stung to death by bees; Petrified by a basilisk's gaze.

Galanno the Halfling- Drowned trying to become water while on bad trip.

Steve Guardsman- Burned to death by Firefish.

Panzer- Burned to death by Firefish.

Argent Cogspiral- Stabbed to death by elf prison guard.

Dunst- Impaled on rocking chair during daring prison escape.

Rogus the Dragon- Blown to smithereens by goblin cannons.

Gary Force- Washed away in acid spewn from exploding dragon parts.

Viatrix Belarkham- Immolated by Fireball, Crushed by collapsing ceiling, turned into tree by unicorn

Aguzi Enchiladacrotch- Happy Bunny and the Runaway Sunshine, turned into a god

Bertram the Goat- Left to die in burning prison.

Other Goat Whose Name I Forget- Left to starve to death in Crypt of the Riddling Cricket.

Betram the Goat II- Eaten by goblins.

Goblin King Who Totally Has A Name But The PCs Never Learned It- Crushed by his own collapsing tower.

Evil Elf Sorcerer Who See Goblin King- Devoured by rats.

 Joe Nathan Axeguy- Crushed by collapsing ceiling

Lucky the Goblin- Arrow through head

Gold Dragon- Gold Dragon

The Second Gold Dragon- Reflected Fireball, followed by Atomic Elbow from house.

Bort the Ogre- Speared in chest by unicorn

Unicorn- Decapitated

Bertrams 3-4- One Hundred Skeletons

Bertram 5- Burning fog

Evil? Wizard in a Tower- Horn of Blasting

Third Gold Dragon- Bees

Nutt Butt, Nudelord of Apes- Visatrix

 Mindless One- Harpy

The Pegasus Whose Name I Forget- Harpys