Monday, February 11, 2013

Arcis Enumre- Gnome Class

I don't like the typical RPG gnomes because they always feel like either "dwarves with magic" or "elves but shorter" and rarely have anything unique about them. I think the size challenge and universal pleasance of the typical image of gnomes, ones voiced by Tom Bosley I mean, make that a hard prospect to switch too, either. I tried to combine all these different takes and make a unique thing. Because I prefer naturalistic interpretations of how these fantasy races and cultures come to be, they're just a race that grew out of elfs and dwarfs bangin'.
art by Kate Laird

HD: d6
Save: as Dwarf
Attack: as Magic User
Advance: as Thief
Requirements: 9 Strength and 9 Intelligence
  • Gnomes can use any armor except plate. Gnomes cannot use shields, or wield two-handed weapons.
  • Gnomes speak Gnome and Common, Elf, Dwarf, Halfling.
  • Gnomes possess infravision, allowing them to see up to 60' in the dark. 
  • Gnomes get an additional bonus language each level. This can allow the Gnome to speak a new language or dialect, conversing with a new bunch of humans and demihumans, or as a very limited Speak-With-Animals ability; like, at level 1 you could choose "rats"... 
  • Gnomes can extend their magical influence to ply Favor from the world around them. Favor is usable once per day per level, plus an additional use at 4th level and an additional use at 8th level, plus 1 additional use each day for each natural 20 rolled by the Gnome.
  • Gnomes can advance to 8th level. At level 8, gnomes gain an entourage and can use their status to find free food, drink, and quarters anywhere they are already known.

art by Raven Mimura


Favor can broadly be used to find, hide, fix, break, strengthen, weaken, inspire, or discourage. Whenever a Gnome uses Favor, a DM rolls a save vs. Spells to determine the effects of the Gnome's influence. A failed save result means the effect goes off in the Gnome's favor, if not exactly as planned, a successful save result means their influence is insufficient and an opposite effect from that desired is triggered. Afterward, the GM should also make a second save at +2, with a failure result indicating an additional side effect.

The GM may allow the Gnome to believe she has achieved a desired effect, and certainly the Gnome is free to claim credit for things it did not actually cause. Favor may not be extended on the behalf of enemies or on magical spells or objects. Favor may not be used in combat or on saves or on initiative.

Gnomes are also considered to always have chalk. Gnomes also receive a free pet or mount at 1st level.